Mortadella Head. Haven’t heard that term? Let me explain. Growing up, the term was a harmless way of calling someone a dummy, a dope, an idiot. Other times it was used to refer to someone with an unusually large head. I’m not sure if it was an Italian thing, a Boston Italian thing, or if it was used only in my inner circle. Either way, it sums up how we are around here. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We have fun. We’re all dummies in one way or another. Naming this concept after something that always made us laugh just made sense. Welcome to Mortadella Head.

Mortadella Head will be the best pizza and sandwich concept to hit the Boston restaurant scene. We’re taking the best ideas from authentic Italian pizzerias, paninotecas, and trattorias, combining it with the best from the US to create a completely innovative and delicious culinary experience. Our food is big, bold, and exciting. Using simple ingredients, old school recipes, and some crazy ideas we’ve learned along the way, we’re creating food that is both beautiful and fun.

Mortadella Head Lasagna Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese

You may already know us from our other concept: Boston Burger Company. Since 2009 we’ve had a blast coming up with new menu items and seeing the positive reactions from our fans. We’ve learned exactly what makes people get excited. Now, we’re taking this knowledge and are pairing it with our true passion: Italian food. But listen — we’re not trying to fool anyone. We’re not telling you this is an authentic Italian concept. We’re telling you it’s better.

Over the years, we’ve spent time in Italy tasting foods, learning about culinary trends, and meeting new friends — all of which has helped us put this concept together. But that’s just part of it. We’re also taking our experiences from our youth — where we grew up, what our grandmothers were serving every Sunday dinner, and who we are as people. All these experiences have taught us what this restaurant needs. We’ll use the best ingredients, some imported from Italy, some made from producers we’ve met during our travels, and some that we saw in the kitchen we grew up in. Our goal is to give our guests a real Italian-American experience. The Old World and the New World. The best of both worlds so to speak.

We’re here to share our story, celebrate with awesome food, and meet some great people stories along the way.  Let’s eat!

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